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"Extraordinary water."
August 2019
"Demand is on the up."
June 2019
“Natural highs."
May 2019
"A healthy energy drink"
March 2019
"Provided the boost."
January 2019
"The Best Choice."
December 2018
"Clean and refreshing."
December 2018
"Treat Yourself."
November 2018
"Try a natural boost." 
October 2018
"Health & Fitness Edit."
September 2018
"Alternative energy drinks."
August 2018
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August 2018
"Health & Beauty Edit."
July 2018
"Runner's Collection."
June 2018
"Treat Yourself."
May 2018
"This Month's Essentials."
April 2018
"Life enhancing product."
March 2018
"Visibility on a global scale."
February 2018
"Little Luxuries."
February 2018
"Must have health-boosting item."
January 2018
"Positive energy to as many people as possible."
October 2017
"Same amount of natural caffeine as a cup of coffee."
September 2017
"Naturally sugar-free energy."
August 2017
"Designs Sure to Catch Your Attention"
March 2017
"Not only sugar-free and natural, also fortified." 
January 2017
"A great way to boost your daily needs."
December 2016
"Refreshing, lightly flavoured energy waters."
December 2016
"What a water is and a what a water should always be."
October 2016
"The healthiest waters that aren't packed with sugar."
August 2016
"Good water that does good."
July 2016
"Sports & energy drinks innovations"
July 2016
"Offer consumers a better-for-you option."
June 2016